Cheers Nick, I got this. Can anyone please help I don’t know what sort of. The iMP can only cope with a single level of folders. Hey I’m having trouble even.

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I don’t know what sort of.

I feel like such an idiot so any help would be appreciated! Skip to main content. Your MP3 can only cope with lots of individual tracks copying onto it. Click “copy this playsr. Excuse simplistic language all you Techno Wizards!

Inovix IMP65 MB Flash MP3 Player | Product overview | What Hi-Fi?

You’ll see the CD album that you’ve copied. Nick, Can you talk me through how to add the folders? Right click On the list, select “Format” Look down the new list.

Cheers Nick, I got this. It copies ok when I drag files into the MP3 drive, but when i try and access them in the music folder, it says there are “No files” Itronicz I got a broken MP3???


My 32″ TV, 2 years old, now. I was wondering if anyone can help me in sorting out my IItronics 1GB player.

Create new account Request new password. Create new account Request new password. Press the PLAY button again. I have tried it the way you describe above and when I press mode whilst I’m in ‘local folders’ all I can see is the root file. It plays the music.

I have bought the same item. Its probably something incredibly simple but its driving me nuts. It will tell you as it does each track and tell you when it’s finished.

If you want to keep tracks in their own folder eg album nameyou have to put the folder onto the iMP’s drive alongside, not in, the ‘Music’ folder. I don’t know what sort of. Can anyone please help I would suggest that either the lead or the player is faulty if your media player can’t find it.

The Imp 1 GB mp3 player is. I will forward this to him. The files seemed to download fine and are visible in the folders but when i come to play them it says unknown format. Stick CD you want to copy into the CD drive. Log in playet register to post comments. Playrr I assume your using windows XP? Yes Please can I get a copy. If not, highlight the first one you want.

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iTronics MP3 Players

When I drag and drop MP3 files into the MP3 drive, it copies all files OK, but when I try to access these files from my player, it only itroncis half of these copied files 9 out of 19 files only. Look for the folder called “My Music” and open it with a double click. Designed by Magenium Solutions.